Agricultural Systems of the future: urban, modular & closed

Round Table
1/21/19, 12:35 PM - 1:20 PM (CET)
Round Table 7 / bcc, 1st floor

Thesis: Agricultural Systems of the future: urban, modular & closed
Host: CUBES Circle, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Our vision of agricultural systems of the future is based on the idea that food will be produced in connected, mutually communicating and standardized production units, the so-called CUBES. Those CUBES are the basis for a closed food production system, which overcomes the weaknesses of earlier agricultural production systems by using ISO-standards, stackable units and a bio-cybernetic regulation approach. At the same time, the system integrates easily into the urban future. Due to its mobile nature, adaptability to a changing environment and an inherent scalability, the CUBES can be implemented in urban, rural and even desertified sites. Principles of closed cultivation methods will be integrated into a new process chain and the individual elements of the chain are intelligently connected and regulated. Thereby, synergies like the „Triple Zero®" concept can be used, enabling a production without additives and avoiding emissions and waste.

Smart & Connected Agrifood