Alexis Comar

Alexis Comar has a background in agronomy and physics and a PhD specialized on high throughput field plant phenotyping. Alexis is now CEO of HIPHEN SAS, a company he co-founded in 2014 with three partners. The objective of HIPHEN is to bring digital tools to the whole agronomical value chain (Breeders, Agro-Industries, Farmers, etc.) thanks to its expertise in crops sensing and crops modeling. HIPHEN commercializes AIRPHEN, a scientific multispectral camera, co-develops IOT solutions and provides complete services going from data acquisition to data processing in order to give the most valuable information to their clients. Alexis is also part of numerous scientific projects in partnership with INRA and French Technical Institutes (Arvalis, ITB, TerresInovia).


Jan 21, 2019