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January 20, 2020
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Category: AgTech

19. December 2019

DataConnect is a manufacturer-independent data standard. In an interview, Roland Brenneke (John Deere) and Frank Drexler (CLAAS E-Systems) explain the motivation and benefits of this new standard: Digitization brings simplicity to data exchange. In the interests of our customers, we want to network data, because the classic application for companies is the mixed fleet.

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27. November 2019

The online company ag.supply was referred to as the Amazon in the AgTech business. How does a founder see the start-up scene in Germany? Because what has been going on for a long time in other industries is rather unusual for farmers: buying working materials online is not exactly everyday business between stable and field. Even in 2019, the purchase and sale of agricultural products and inputs often still require complex, close personal relationships between farmers and suppliers that go back decades.

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19. November 2019

Already in the 70s the farmer Robert Rodale coined the term "regenerative organic farming" to distinguish himself from the idea of a purely "sustainable agriculture". Since then, pioneers such as Gabe Brown, Joel Salatin and Dr. Elaine Ingham have had a decisive influence on the movement. This article examines Regnerative Agriculture in Germany. Benedikt Bösel, speaker of the session, as well as other farmers and experts will have their say.

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