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January 20, 2020
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Category: Sustainable Future

19. November 2019

Already in the 70s the farmer Robert Rodale coined the term "regenerative organic farming" to distinguish himself from the idea of a purely "sustainable agriculture". Since then, pioneers such as Gabe Brown, Joel Salatin and Dr. Elaine Ingham have had a decisive influence on the movement. This article examines Regnerative Agriculture in Germany. Benedikt Bösel, speaker of the session, as well as other farmers and experts will have their say.

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30. October 2019

The nationwide demonstrations by farmers at the end of October provided new food for the debate on the definition of agriculture and its interpretation sovereignty. Who may decide? Who decides what is done? Here and there, in addition to accusations and accusations, forward-looking voices have also been heard. "Our concern is that politicians and responsible NGOs enter into dialogue with us and do not over our heads make decisions that are impracticable or miss the mark," explained the Trebbin Agricultural Cooperative in a statement published in the Favebook network. "(...) The permanent negative mood-make burdens us as people and stirs up anger and frustration in the profession." In an interview with Farm & Food, Dr. Rolf Sommer also calls for the start of a joint dialogue.

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09. October 2019

Cars replaced horses, petroleum replaced whales, tractors replaced oxen, telecommunications replaced carrier pigeons, fermentation replaced cows and pigs for insulin production. And despite its many shortcomings, plastic continues to take market share from leather. Wherever we look, humans have consistently built technologies that surpass their animal predecessors. Food may be next.

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13. August 2019

How can and how must we eat in order to eat healthily and at the same time adapt our consumer behaviour to the drastically changing climatic conditions? What we consume must also be produced. Agriculture and food or fields and plates belong together. Dr Simone Frey, founder of Future of Nutrition, spoke with Farm & Food about romanticizing agriculture and creating better value behind food production.

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18. July 2019

Maintaining and increasing crop yields is not only a desire of agriculture, but also makes an important contribution to species and climate protection, i.e. for all of us. At the beginning of the year, over 18 percent of the Bavarian population signed the petition for a referendum "Save the bees!” – more people voted than at any other referendum in the history of Bavaria.

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24. June 2019

The "need" for meat we have brought on ourselves. Meat, or the everyday, cheap consumption of ham, sausages, roast & Co, has become a status symbol even before the car. A symbol of prosperity. After the two world wars the fifties brought new desires that had to be fulfilled on an everyday basis. Bratwurst and butter every day and cheap, please. In order to overcome this supposed need and its fulfilment (and to avert the climate crisis by the way), we need new vocabulary. Apart from the necessary research and development in the large areas of agriculture, there must be a rethink in society.

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23. May 2019

Sustainability. Quality. Health. Profitability: Only a few of the key words you can basically find in every teaser referring to agricultural research, events or articles. They may seem overused when talking about tomorrow’s food production system. They are, however, almost redundant when we look at today’s agricultural stakeholders: farmers, innovators, start-ups, investors. Farm & Food spoke to one of those stakeholders at the F&A Next 2019, which took place in May in the Silicon Valley of agriculture and agtech-research: Wageningen University. Dan Harburg, Senior Director Innovation at indigo, was part of a debate regarding the question “How to create value for farmers?”.

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