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Disruptive Agriculture

Visions for the Future. Keynotes & Discussion

Look beyond the Field!  The first keynote speakers of the day raised questions and invited our participants to search for answers together. Are the technologies used today really helpful? How can we better distribute the costs of food production? How do we succeed in innovation that is actually centred on agriculture and how do we develop concepts that do justice to technical progress and social demands? Do we have to, can we save agriculture by focusing on methods like regenerative agriculture? Today the agricultural business is not only confronted with everyday problems, but also with new and growing demands from consumers and industry.

With these questions Farm & Food opened its fifth on January 2020 congress in Berlin. The first keynote speakers of the day invited our participants to search for answers together. 

Here you’ll find the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 and a list of our speakers.



Joe Bassett (Dawn Equipment)

Inbetween complexity and simplicity. What is innovation in agriculture? Joe Basset is CEO and Founder of Underground Agriculture and CEO of Dawn Equipment, located in Illinois, USA. Farm & Food invited him to speak at the fifth congress on 20 Jan 2020.

Julia Harnal (BASF)

A modern and sustainable agriculture can only be achieved if we work together. Farm & Food 4.0 invited Julia Harnal, Head of the Global Unit for Sustainability and Government Relationships at BASF SE, to speak at the conference 2020 in Berlin.

Aidan Connolly (Cainthus)

Driving positive change in agri-food through funding and collaboration. Aidan Conolly is CEO of Cainthus, Ireland. Farm & Food invited him to speak at the fifth congress on 20 Jan 2020.

Volkert Engelsman (Eosta)

Farm, Food, Finance. True Cost Accounting in Food production: Volkert Engelsman is CEO at Eosta. Farm & Food has invited him to speak at the congress in Berlin on January 20, 2020. Review his keynote.

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Interview with Volkert Engelsman (EOSTA)

“No sustainability without transparency! We have to account for the true cost of food production”, Volkert Engelsman, Eosta CEO stipulated at Farm & Food 4.0 in Berlin.

Interview with Joe Bassett (Dawn Equipment)

The managing director and founder of Dawn Euipment does not believe that constantly discussing environmental protection with farmers is a good idea. Instead, we should find ways to make new methods and new technology really profitable for farmers.

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