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Precise in crop protection

Schramm emphasised that world agriculture is faced with enormous challenges and has no choice but to implement digitisation technologies.

In the near future, ten billion people will need to be fed. Nearly one fifth of the world’s food crops are at risk from climate change, and the cost of producing new pesticides is nearly 15 times higher today than in the 1960s. Schramm sees the great opportunity of digitisation to provide crop protection in the future with the ability to apply chemical substances in a much more targeted and efficient manner. This would lower costs and, above all, help reduce the chances of chemical resistance emerging. His company will introduce a number of practical solutions in 2018 under the umbrella brand “Xarvio”. There will be a scouting module, which will monitor the crops, and a field manager, who will develop the concrete application recommendations. This brings the agricultural producer closer to achieving optimal crop protection over every single hectare.

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