January 20, 2020
International Congress Berlin
Farm & Food 4.0
January 20, 2020
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Photo: Sabine Rübensaat

What’s behind the Hype?

Of Alternative Proteines. Discussion & Roundtable. 4.15 – 5.45 pm

The last major session of the day will focus on the extraordinary dynamical development in the alternative production of animal proteins: Our participants will question the hype that altpro have become. Is it true that the production of plant-based meat, egg and milk alternatives and of cell-based meat can be more sustainable, be environment-friendlier and reduce GHG emissions? Will a broader group of consumers ask for these products? How can farmers, conventional and otherwise be included in this “new” industry? Founders of startups, representatives of leading companies in conventional as well as alternative production and scientists will present their ideas in short statements and take part in a panel discussion.

Discussion. 4.10 – 5.45 pm

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst, Host. Scientific Director at WING, Foundation University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. read more
  • Brian Spears, CEO and Founder at New Age Meats, San Francisco, USA. read more
  • Bernhard Krüsken, Secretary General of the German Farmers’ Union.
  • Laura Gertenbach, CEO at Innocent Meat. read more
  • Fabio Ziemßen, Chairman at BALPro – Association for alternative proteines. read more
  • Marcus Keitzer, Chairman for alternative protein sources at PHW-Group (WIESENHOF). read more
  • Hubertus Paetow, Farmer and President of the DLG. read more

Roundtable. 12.10 – 12.50 pm

  • Heinrich Katz, Host. General Manager at Hermetia Baruth GmbH. read more
  • Please note that this roundtable will start earlier, at noon!

Further articles and interviews with our speakers:

Predicting change or spreading hysteria?

Livestock vs no livestock: Looking at prognostics by RethinkX, the IPCC and others.

For this article, Farm & Food turned to Fabio Ziemßen and Marcus Keitzer, both speakers at the AltPro-Session, as well as to scientists and experts.

Agriculture is changing rapidly. In which direction? Driven by what factors? Which way is the right one? Scientists and think tanks are trying to answer these questions in different ways. Farm &Food looked a look at three different studies and turned to scientists and experts for answers. Continue reading


Why technology could make animals obsolete

Microbes and cows are racing towards the finish line

Cars replaced horses, petroleum replaced whales, tractors replaced oxen, telecommunications replaced carrier pigeons, fermentation replaced cows and pigs for insulin production. And despite its many shortcomings, plastic continues to take market share from leather. Wherever we look, humans have consistently built technologies that surpass their animal predecessors. Food may be next. Continue reading

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