January 20, 2020
International Congress Berlin
Farm & Food 4.0
January 20, 2020
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Disruptive Agriculture

Visions for the Future. Keynotes & Discussion. 9.00 – 10.30 am

With this panel we open the fifth Farm & Food.  Look beyond the Field!  Our speakers raise questions and invite you to join us in Berlin to look for answers together. Are the technologies used today really helpful? How can we better distribute the costs of food production? How do we succeed in innovation that is actually centred on agriculture and how do we develop concepts that do justice to technical progress and social demands?

Do we have to, can we save agriculture by focusing on methods like regenerative agriculture? Today the agricultural business is not only confronted with everyday problems, but also with new and growing demands from consumers and industry. The first panel will present our main topics of the day through keynotes and discussions:



  • Joe Basset on the fight between complexity and simplicity and on the basic question “What is technology in agriculture” Basset is CEO at Dawn Equipment and Underground Agriculture Inc., Illinois, USA. read more…
  • Volkert Engelman on True Cost Accounting in Food, Farming & Finance. Engelmann is CEO at Eosta. read more…
  • Julia Harnal. Vice President Global Sustainability & Governmental Affairs at BASF. read more…
  • Aidan Connolly, CEO of Cainthus, an Irish artificial intelligence company, using computer vision to monitor animals. read more…


  • Dr. Andreas Möller is an author and communications expert and will again be hosting the Farm & Food conference on 20 Jan 2020. read more…
    Following the keynotes, Dr. Möller will present the first discussion of the day.

Articles on the subject and interviews with our speakers

Interview with Joe Bassett, Dawn Equipment

We have to stop talking about saving the environment

We have to stop bugging farmers with discussions about protecting the environment, say Dawn Equipment’s CEO Joe Bassett. Instead we should be talking about smart ways that can make more money for the farmer. Sustainability will naturally come follow in our tracks.

Farmers on the diversity of German fields

Challenges and personal goals have you leave your bubble

In order to meet today‘s challenges in agriculture, you need to stay grounded – literally. Farm & Food spoke with Johanna Buntz and Dr. Thomas Gäbert about the diversity on german fields, drones and topsoils.

A new Image for Farmers

The world’s most important career needs to be rebranded

We need a new branding, a concerted effort to separate the myth from reality and promote the benefits of agriculture for a successful career. How do we give agriculture a new image? read more…

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