Adrian Ferrero

Cofounder & CEO
Biome Makers Inc.
San Francisco. CA

Adrian Ferrero is the cofounder & CEO of Biome Makers. Economist by training and specialized in innovation, he grew up in an agricultural region in Spain and in 2012 decided to join his childhood friend, Alberto Acedo, to launch innovative business to solve major problems in our current society, as cancer diagnosis or soil productivity.
Recognized as one of the lead entrepreneurs in the Spains by its government, EU, or the MIT Technology Review, travelled to US in 2015 to build Biome Makers, becoming the first non-American company partnering with the biotech giant Illumina in its Accelerator program. From there, Biome Makers has received many awards worldwide (AgSum in Japan, agripreneur 2019 in Greece, WINnovation in US, or Best innovative startup by AgFunder) adn attract over $6M fro investors. Last year Bayer Crop Science invited them to join the CoLaborator, an open space for AgTech startups in West Sacramento.
He loves mountains, nature and believe in making the world better one step at a time.


Jan 20, 2020