Michael Reber

Innovative Landwirtschaft Reber
74523 Schwäbisch Hall - Gailenkirchen

Michael Reber is 47 years old, married and has 2 children. Together with 2 employees the family cultivates 220 arable land, 22 ha of grassland and 3 ha of forest. Together with Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall, Michael Reber operates a biogas plant with a rated output of 750kW.
Due to various operational changes, a change in crop rotation in favour of the biogas plant and a reorganisation of the land, he had to find out from 2009 that his soils could not withstand the increasing extremes of the weather.

In addition, there were new challenges such as fertiliser regulations, increasing resistance to herbicides and insecticides and the strongly increasing social demands placed on agriculture, which made it necessary to deal with how the soil can be made fit again for all this.
A soil course with Friedrich Wenz and Dietmar Näser in 2014/15 offered a lot of new and also a lot of old, almost lost knowledge. Since then, Michael Reber has tried to apply this knowledge to his business and his soils with the aim of not only preserving the soils (i.e. managing them sustainably), but finally improving them with various measures - to regenerate them. Since then he has been constantly searching for knowledge about regenerative agriculture and its methods. Meanwhile many other farmers come to his farm, because he has achieved a certain reach in the social media due to his intensive public relations work.

Many are looking for answers to the challenges of the future, which no longer offer them advice and training. The seminars for beginners on the subject of soil fertility on the Reber farm currently hit the nerve in agriculture - at least that's what the registration figures suggest.


Jan 20, 2020