365 FarmNet

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365FarmNet is Europe's largest and award-winning cloud based software for all farm management, regardless of the farm size or operating mode. The 365FarmNet platform is manufacturer-independent, cross-branch and covers all functions necessary for farm management via the integration of partner apps: From crop planning to harvesting, including important crop protection and fertiliser topics, from field to stable, from documentation to farm analysis.

365FarmNet supports the farmer in the important issues of operational processes and integrates various evaluation options and special services into the work process as easily as possible.

The basic version of 365FarmNet is free of charge. This basic version already meets the requirements of the necessary depth of documentation for farmers. In an innovative and continuously growing modular system, farmers can book individual modules for a fee and adjust the platform individually to their needs. With the 365FarmNet Apps for iOS and Android, which are also free of charge, farmers can also document and book their work in a mobile CC-compliant way where it is done - in the barn or out in the field.

365FarmNet works with over 30 European partners to develop innovative applications for users from over 20 countries. The platform is currently available in five languages: German, English, French, Polish and Bulgarian.