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Agronomic Data

All eyes on me! Discussion & Roundtable

Remote sensing technologies in combination with spatial analysis methods are today becoming safe, accurate and cost-effective aids in agriculture. Sensors on launcher systems such as satellites, drones or machines provide digital images and big data, which can be used to obtain knowledge about soil and plants in the field and region – faster and more objectively than with conventional inspections. Who benefits from this information? Are they equally useful for farmers, industry, agricultural policy and society and what are the benefits for these user groups? The ideal is that farmers can use sensor data to make more targeted field management decisions and automate and document processes such as fertilisation and crop protection. The fifth Farm & Food in January 2020 gave this topic space in discussions and roundtables.

Here you will find videos from the debate and a review of the roundtable “Grain Trade Digital”.


Here you’ll find the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 and a list of our speakers.


Watch the following videos to get an impression of the debates and presentations at the fifth Farm & Food in Berlin

Dr. Katrin Jakob (Satlytics)

The discussion “Agronomic Data” at the 5th Farm & Food in Berlin focused on the possibilities, acceptance and benefits of agronomic data in agriculture. Of 2000 active satellites worldwide, around 580 are currently used for earth observation. A satellite view of Germany with 1.3 billion pixels can be displayed within 15 minutes. For the consequent use of these figures you can see here the opening presentation by Dr. Katrin Kohler (Satlytics).

Tobias Menne (BASF)

Agronomic data not only provide information about what is happening in your own field, but also about the surrounding area, biodiversity, water resources, etc. Presentation by Tobias Menne, Head Global Digital Farming Unit, BASF Agricultural Solutions.

Jorge Fernandez (Pix4D)

Whereas Satellites are boadcasting data or images, drones work in more specific ways, they offer small parts of data – just like one could compare CNBC to twitter, said Jorge Fernandez at the Farm & Food conference in Berlin. At pix4d he is the Head of Product Agriculture: he is repsonible for the portfolio of products offered to agriculture.

Claudia Vallentin (GFZ Potsdam, Germany)

How can farmers be supported in the use of data-based applications? Statement by Claudia Vallentin (GFZ Potsdam) and an excerpt from the discussion in the Agronomic Data panel at Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin.

Frank Paaß (Farmer)

An insight into the debate on the topic of Agronomic Data: Can technologies for sub-area-specific processing promote sustainable agriculture? Dr. Frank Paaß, APZ Agrar-Produkt Ziegendorf e.G. at the Farm & Food on 20 January 2020.

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