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Europe needs to bet big

Interview with Patrick Walsh, Founder & MD of Dogpatch Labs

How can Europe profit from innovations in agtech and how can the industry support farmers in identifying the right solution for their fields and stables? Dopatch Lab-Founder Patrick Walsh is convinced that Europe needs to think bigger in oder to be a global leader. read article

Get out of your bubble

Interview with german farmers about challenges and personal goals

In order to meet today‘s challenges in agriculture, you need to stay grounded - literally. Farm & Food spoke with Johanna Buntz and Dr. Thomas Gäbert about the diversity on german fields, drones and topsoils. read article

A risk-free society does not exist

Interview with Ruud van den Bulk, Wageningen University

We need to carefully use technologies like CRISPR, says Ruud van den Bulk, Wageningen University. The next European Parliament is expected to make gene editing and connected research a little easier.  read article

Farm & Food 4.0

Highlights Video 2019