January 20, 2020
International Congress Berlin
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The nationwide demonstrations by farmers at the end of October provided new food for the debate on the definition of agriculture and its interpretation sovereignty. Who may decide? Who decides what is done? Here and there, in addition to accusations and accusations, forward-looking voices have also been heard. "Our concern is that politicians and responsible NGOs enter into dialogue with us and do not over our heads make decisions that are impracticable or miss the mark," explained the Trebbin Agricultural Cooperative in a statement published in the Favebook network. "(...) The permanent negative mood-make burdens us as people and stirs up anger and frustration in the profession." In an interview with Farm & Food, Dr. Rolf Sommer also calls for the start of a joint dialogue.

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Trends, technologies and tractors:

Farmers, experts, newcomers and innovators, investors and scientists from all over Europe will come to Farm & Food again next January to share and discuss innovations from farm to fork. Round tables, interactive workshops and our face-to-face meeting service will offer you the opportunity to discuss topics at different levels of expertise as well as to network. Exhibitors from industry and the start-up scene will present their solutions on an area of some 3000 square metres and will be directly addressable.


What has been common practice for a long time in other industries is rather unusual for farmers: buying working materials online is not exactly part of the everyday business between stable and field. Online traders like Amazon have been threatening small, local bookstores for years. The market for agricultural companies is not affected by this – despite years of wild forecasts that warned of a digital threat. Even as 2019 draws to a close, the buying and selling of farming products and inputs still often means complex, close personal ties between farmers, agronomists, and suppliers that can date back decades.

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JANUARY 20, 2020

Farm & Food is an international conference as well as network and forum for innovations along the value chain from field to fork.

Since 2016, more than 400 decision-makers from agribusiness, food industry, start-ups, science and politics have come together in Berlin every year to develop solutions for a sustainable AgriFood system. Our mission is to identify the role of emerging technologies in building a productive and sustainable value network that delivers healthy and environmentally sound food for today’s consumers and future generations.


Exclusive Meetings, Young Innovators: Farm & Food is the platform for exchange, brainstorming and matchmaking in AgTech and food production.


The Farm & Food conference is the highlight of the year. Our network however no longer is it’s background, but has become the foundation for our event.


Whether it’s research, technical expertise or scene experts: Farm & Food collects, bundles, evaluates and communicates knowledge from the large field of agriculture.


Who are tomorrow’s creative minds? Which app do farmers definitely not need? Our aim is to provide well-founded information and evaluation.


Bringing value back to where it comes from: to the field, to the stable. Innovation and suitability for the future are the relevant criteria in this line of work.


Which start-up solves which problem? Which farmer has this problem? Which investor is interested in this problem? Farm & Food has the answers.

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