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There is a spirit of optimism in agriculture: regenerative methods, soil-building farming practices and CO2 certificates are on everyone’s lips. Thanks to them, farmers are supposed to make a major contribution to solving the climate crisis in the future. But do these promises stand up to scientific examination? Is it right to link environmental performance to agricultural production? And do we even have suitable measurement methods to conduct a well-founded discussion about humus buildup?

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“Farmers became a symbol of resilience during the Corona crisis” those were the opening words of Ursula von der Leyen on the developments in EU agriculture in 2020. The President of the European Commission started the EU Agricultural Outlook Conference 2020 with clear words on December 16, stressing that Corona should not be a reason to limit agricultural environmental measures.

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Both through the established Farm & Food Congress and through numerous new and innovative formats, Farm & Food is now known as a sustainable and personal network that successfully addresses the question of the future of agriculture and the associated players. In addition to the newsletter and the digital Praxis-Talks, the team regularly develops new formats for farmers, innovative startups, but also the traditional players in the agricultural industry.

As a personal network, Farm & Food has made it its mission to identify economically and ecologically sustainable business models and to connect relevant players in a meaningful and personal way. Together we think ahead, think outside the box and identify trends, innovations and solutions for tomorrow’s food production.

Farm & Food is a project of the dbv network GmbH.

Praxis-Talks – our new digital event series

In view of the exceptional global situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Farm & Food Congress will not take place in January 2021. However, in line with our focus #FromFarmtoFork, we will continue to address the important issues and topics along the value chain and create new formats for collective forward thinking:

Farm & Food’s Praxis-Talk (German-speaking) is the monthly format for agriculture’s shapers and forward thinkers. Here, we bring together the thought leaders of the agricultural world and discuss the relevant topics live with a clear eye for practice.

These are the topics we find particularly exciting:

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