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Farm & Food 4.0
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What’s behind the Hype?

Of Alternative Proteines. Discussion & Roundtable

At the fifth Farm & Food congress in 2020 the last major session of the day focused on the extraordinary dynamical development in the alternative production of animal proteins: Our participants questioned the hype that altpro have become. Is it true that the production of plant-based meat, egg and milk alternatives and of cell-based meat can be more sustainable, be environment-friendlier and reduce GHG emissions? Will a broader group of consumers ask for these products? How can farmers, conventional and otherwise be included in this “new” industry? 

You can download the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 including the list of all our speakers here:


Watch the following videos to review the debates at the fifth Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin:

Discussion with: Laura Gertenbach (Innocent Meat) & Brain Spears (New Age Meats)

The panel on alternative proteins included Laura Gertenbach (Innocent Meat) and Brian Spears (New Age Meats). According to Spears, the greatest challenge in the “laboratory production” of meat is the reduction of production costs. In Germany, on the other hand, there is less willingness to take risks and invest in startups, said Gertenbach. Unlike in the USA, financing is a difficult issue.

Discussion with: Marcus Keitzer (PHW Group) und Fabio Ziemßen (BALPro)

The year 2019 was a very exciting year for everyone working in the field of alternative proteins, Marcus Keitzer, Member of the Board of Directors of the PHW Group responsible for alternative protein sources, stated at Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin. “We are dealing with a new generation of products that appeal to the middle of society today.” The association BALPro is a platform of interest in the market, where all the (new) players in the field of alternative proteins can network and exchange information about the challenges that exist here.

Discussion with: Hubertus Paetow (Präsident DLG) & Bernhard Krüsken (Deutscher Bauernverband e.V.)

The panel on alternative proteins also included Bernhard Krüsken (German Farmers’ Association) & Hubertus Paetow (DLG). Krüsken stated that the new proteins will not fall from the sky. Raw materials are also needed here and in the course of this, the protein topic is an important part of our sustainability discussion. The question of how food from these new production processes will be evaluated in the future also has yet to be answered, says Paetow.

Articles on the subject and interviews with our speakers:

Interview with Brian Spears, New Age Meats

New ways to produce meat can be healthier and more sustainable than anything that comes directly from animals, says New Age Meats’ CEO Brian Spears. Methods like regenerative agriculture offer even more ways to make these products more sustainable.

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