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27. February 2020

In the panel on alternative proteins, Gertenbach and Spears were among those discussing this topic with Dr. Hans Wilhelm Windhorst (WING). According to Spears, the greatest challenge in the "laboratory production" of meat is the reduction of production costs. In order to be able to produce in series for the market, the raw materials would have to become significantly cheaper. In Germany, on the other hand, there is less willingness to take risks and invest in startups, said Gertenbach. Unlike in the USA, financing is a difficult issue.

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25. February 2020

The panel on alternative proteins included Bernhard Krüsken (German Farmers' Association) & Hubertus Paetow (President of the DLG). Krüsken states that the new proteins do not appear out of nowhere. Raw materials are also needed here and in the course of this, the protein topic is an important part of our sustainability discussion. The question of how food from these new production processes will be evaluated in the future also has yet to be answered, says Paetow. Here you'll find an extract from the debate.

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26. August 2019

“It’s a dead fly, in your chardonnay,” sang Alanis Morrisette. But what’s ironic is that in a few years, we might not be too opposed to swallowing the poor insect for extra protein. Too dramatic? Read on to find out why the dialogue is shifting towards including insect-based proteins in diets for both humans and livestock. Interviews with the Singapore Food Agency & Asia Insect Farm Solutions.

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24. June 2019

The "need" for meat we have brought on ourselves. Meat, or the everyday, cheap consumption of ham, sausages, roast & Co, has become a status symbol even before the car. A symbol of prosperity. After the two world wars the fifties brought new desires that had to be fulfilled on an everyday basis. Bratwurst and butter every day and cheap, please. In order to overcome this supposed need and its fulfilment (and to avert the climate crisis by the way), we need new vocabulary. Apart from the necessary research and development in the large areas of agriculture, there must be a rethink in society.

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07. March 2019

In 2013 Professor Mark Post presented the first burger from cell cultures. Its production cost 230,000 euros. Since then, numerous start-ups have been established in the field of meat cell culture. The latest addition to the family has been the presentation of the first in vitro steak with three-dimensional structure by the Israeli company Aleph Farms in December 2018. What may sound strange today could soon end up on your plate. A fitting topic for the Farm & Food 2019 conference. Didier Toubia, managing director and co-founder of ALEPH FARMS, presented the technology used, the timeline of the market launch and the planned market price of his Clean Meat. The technology for production has originally been used in human medicine.

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21. December 2018

It sounds like science fiction: Growing your steak in a petri dish, outside of animals. However, this is exactly what Aleph Farms, a startup based in Israel, have been working on. They are not the first ones to grow clean meat outside of animals, but they are implementing new technology that could eventually lead to drastically lower production costs. Didier Toubia, CEO of Aleph Farms, will be speaking at Farm & Food 4.0 conference in Berlin, 21 January 2019. We asked him about the technology and the next step towards market-readiness. 

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11. September 2018

Nutritionists can play a vital role in solving some of the world's most pressing problems: obesity, poor nutrition on the one hand, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies on the other. Dr. Simone Frey is an ecotrophologist, has set up a start-up herself and worked with organizations such as UNICEF, Nestlé or BASF. In the run-up to Farm & Food 4.0, we talked to her about the concept of the startup accelerator "Future of Nutrition" and about promising business models in the food and agricultural sector.

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