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Farm & Food 4.0
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New Networks for old Countries

Creating value chain networks. Discussion & Roundtable

New networks are emerging from field to fork, trading routes are becoming shorter, supply chains flexible and food traceable. The food market of the future is decentralised and functions as a digital network that brings consumers and producers together, because the “point of production” is moving closer to the “point of consumption”. A newly gained transparency makes it possible to organise value creation even more efficiently, to avoid food waste, to improve animal husbandry and thus to prevent negative consequences for the climate through better digital availability and use of knowledge alone. At the same time, new digital instruments allow modern forms of cooperation. Farmers are joining forces, networking with scientists, producing together and eliminating intermediate trade through direct marketing. Developing and supporting new networks has always been the concern of Farm & Food. At the fifth congress in January 2020 in Berlin, this complex of topics was therefore given a lot of space.

Here you’ll find the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 and a list of our speakers.


A review of the discussion “New networks for old countries”

Members of the panel were: Georg Mayerhofer (Mayerhofer Agrar), Prof. Dr. Thomas Herlitzius (TU Dresden), Julia Köhn (PIELERS), Dr. Rolf Sommer (WWF), Jörn Holluba (EDEKA). The discussion was hosted by Heike Zeller (aHeu).

You can read the full article here.

Credits: Leo Seidel

Interviews with our speakers:

Interview with Prof. Dr. Thomas Herlitzius

Prof. Dr. Thomas Herlitzius (TU Dresden) is convinced that sustainability won’t be up for free. He’ll disclose what that means for farmers and future agtech at Farm & Food 4.0 in Berlin, and here’s a sneak preview.

Interview with Dr. Rolf Sommer (WWF)

Nationwide demonstrations by farmers at the end of October provided new food for the debate on the definition of agriculture and its interpretation sovereignty. Who may decide? Who decides what is done? In an interview with Farm & Food, Dr. Rolf Sommer, Head of the Department for agriculture at WWF, calls for the start of a joint dialogue.

Interview with Georg Mayerhofer

Farmers need a PR strategy. And a new way of thinking in politics. Georg Mayerhofer of Mayerhofer Agrar believes that farmers can benefit from cooperative approaches and independent brands.

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