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28. February 2020

From farm to fork, new networks are emerging, distances are becoming shorter, supply chains more flexible and food products more traceable. The food market of the future is decentralised and functions as a digital network that brings consumers and producers closer together again, as the "point of production" moves ever closer to the "point of consumption". At the same time, new digital instruments allow modern forms of cooperation.

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27. February 2020

In the panel on alternative proteins, Gertenbach and Spears were among those discussing this topic with Dr. Hans Wilhelm Windhorst (WING). According to Spears, the greatest challenge in the "laboratory production" of meat is the reduction of production costs. In order to be able to produce in series for the market, the raw materials would have to become significantly cheaper. In Germany, on the other hand, there is less willingness to take risks and invest in startups, said Gertenbach. Unlike in the USA, financing is a difficult issue.

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The panel on alternative proteins included Marcus Keitzer (PHW) and Fabio Ziemßen (BALPro). 2019 hsa been a very exciting year for all those working in the field of alternative proteins, Marcus Keitzer stated at the Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin. "We are dealing with a new generation of products that appeal to the middle of society today." The association BALPro is a platform of interest in the market, where all the (new) players in the field of alternative proteins can network and exchange information about the challenges that exist here. Fabio Ziemßen continues: "In order to be able to compete with large sites in the USA, Israel, Singapore or Wageningen, we need a community, an exchange between the players whose backgroun is not the traditional food production.

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25. February 2020

The panel on alternative proteins included Bernhard Krüsken (German Farmers' Association) & Hubertus Paetow (President of the DLG). Krüsken states that the new proteins do not appear out of nowhere. Raw materials are also needed here and in the course of this, the protein topic is an important part of our sustainability discussion. The question of how food from these new production processes will be evaluated in the future also has yet to be answered, says Paetow. Here you'll find an extract from the debate.

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21. February 2020

The discussion "Agronomic Data" at the 5th Farm & Food in Berlin focused on the possibilities, acceptance and benefits of agronomic data in agriculture. Out of 2000 active satellites worldwide, around 580 are currently used for earth observation. A satellite view of Germany with 1.3 billion pixels can be displayed within 15 minutes. Rewatch the opening presentation by Dr. Katrin Kohler, Satlytics, to see how farmers can use this data to their advantage.

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How could our startup ecosystem improve? This question was the focus of the AgTech Ecosystem Workshop. Lack of funding in Germany makes life difficult for innovators. There is a lack of capital, investors, partnerships and networks. We ask: How can we build an ecosystem for innovation in Agtech in Germany? Who and what is necessary for this? We addressed startups, funding institutions such as banks and state support programs, VCs and CVs, knowledge providers and consultants, incubators and accelerators. 

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