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Farm & Food 4.0
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Regenerative Agriculture

Old methods rethought. Discussion & Roundtable

How can Germany’s agriculture be competitive in the long term? This session aimed to answer this question by discussing regenerative agriculture and its minimally invasive methods. Different application examples showed how diverse regenerative agriculture can be: Pioneers from Germany and the USA explained how the system can be adapted to the respective farm.

How can new technologies also show the connection between healthy soils, healthy products and healthy people? How can we help farmers to be rewarded for their investments in biodiversity, water storage and carbon storage? This topic was the focus of the Farm & Food Congress in January 2020 in Berlin.

Here you’ll find the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 and a list of our speakers.


A review of the discussion on regenerative agriculture at Farm & Food 2020

A wide variety of application examples illustrate how diverse regenerative agriculture can be: Pioneers from Germany and the USA show how the system can be adapted to the respective farm.

Hosted by Benedikt Bösel, Gut & Bösel, the discussion was led by Georg Goeres (Indigo), Louisa Burwood Taylor (AgFunder News), Claudia Päffken (TIMAC AGRO), Adrian Ferrero (Biome Makers) and Michael Reber (Innovative Agriculture Reber). Continue reading…

Credits: Leo Seidel

Interview with Georg Goeres (Indigo Europe)

Farmers should be empowered to adapt sustainable methods like regenerative agriculture, says Indigo’s Head of Europe, Georg Goeres. In order to do so, we have to pay them for how they produce and not only the product: Pay them for how they grow the apple, not just the fruit itself.

Interview with Benedikt Bösel, Gut & Boesel

Regenerative agriculture was one of the major topics at the fifth Farm & Food 4.0 in Berlin. Benedikt Bösel, CEO of Gut & Boesel, gives an insight into the topic and why the topic is so forward-looking for the agribusiness.

Further interviews with our speakers

Interview with Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Agfunder

Louisa Burwood-Taylor is editoe in chief at Agfunder News and as such an expert on agtech-foodtech issues and has an intimate knowledge of the global startup-scene. We are happy to welcome her next week at Farm & Food 4.0! What does she see as the major challenges for the next decade?

Farmer Michael Reber on the cost-effectiveness of new methods

The colleagues think, a course on soil science for 2000 Euros is nuts. But spending the same amount on additional bells and whistles on the tractor? A rethink is needed here, says Michael Reber.

Interview with Claudia Päffgen, TIMAC AGRO

TIMAC AGRO‘s products for plant and animal nutrition contain innovative additives. The company has been working for 60 years to stimulate soil vitality and promote soil fertility. Head of Marketing Claudia Päffgen explains the procedure.

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