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17. July 2020

Now that the ideas competition Bodenschmiede has been successfully concluded, Farm & Food is continuing to work on expanding its network: In order to do justice to the ideas submitted and to its own claim to facilitate a constant transfer of knowledge between the stakeholders in the Farm to Fork chain. Farm & Food is now cooperating with the Soest Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen in a research project on start-ups in agriculture.

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05. June 2020

For thousands of years, plant breeding has concentrated on annual plant cultures. The cultivation of corn, wheat and rice spread all over the world. Everywhere the rhythm of agriculture developed in the same way, sowing begins in spring and the harvest takes place in autumn. However, this is not the rhythm dictated by nature. The majority of wild plants are perennial, they are responsible for a functioning ecosystem and with their root system and biomass they provide stability and diversity in nature. Perennial plants are therefore the focus of science and agriculture.

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07. August 2019

Are you a terroir-ist? If so, you’ll understand — along with almost any winegrower — how sexy soil can be. Beneath any field’s surface, a complex interplay of millions of micro-organisms thrives, defining whether a crop flourishes or withers. These tiny organisms — think bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae, nematodes or protozoa — are crucial to how a plant absorbs nutrients from the soil and grows.

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07. March 2019

In 2013 Professor Mark Post presented the first burger from cell cultures. Its production cost 230,000 euros. Since then, numerous start-ups have been established in the field of meat cell culture. The latest addition to the family has been the presentation of the first in vitro steak with three-dimensional structure by the Israeli company Aleph Farms in December 2018. What may sound strange today could soon end up on your plate. A fitting topic for the Farm & Food 2019 conference. Didier Toubia, managing director and co-founder of ALEPH FARMS, presented the technology used, the timeline of the market launch and the planned market price of his Clean Meat. The technology for production has originally been used in human medicine.

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08. January 2019

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) is a registered association in Potsdam that researches the way biological and technical systems interact in agriculture and nutrition. As the head of the Engineering for Crop Production department, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien together with her team works to develop new technologies and processes for the sustainable, resource-efficient creation of plant-based products.

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