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27. February 2020

The panel on alternative proteins included Marcus Keitzer (PHW) and Fabio Ziemßen (BALPro). 2019 hsa been a very exciting year for all those working in the field of alternative proteins, Marcus Keitzer stated at the Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin. "We are dealing with a new generation of products that appeal to the middle of society today." The association BALPro is a platform of interest in the market, where all the (new) players in the field of alternative proteins can network and exchange information about the challenges that exist here. Fabio Ziemßen continues: "In order to be able to compete with large sites in the USA, Israel, Singapore or Wageningen, we need a community, an exchange between the players whose backgroun is not the traditional food production.

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13. August 2019

How can and how must we eat in order to eat healthily and at the same time adapt our consumer behaviour to the drastically changing climatic conditions? What we consume must also be produced. Agriculture and food or fields and plates belong together. Dr Simone Frey, founder of Future of Nutrition, spoke with Farm & Food about romanticizing agriculture and creating better value behind food production.

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24. June 2019

The "need" for meat we have brought on ourselves. Meat, or the everyday, cheap consumption of ham, sausages, roast & Co, has become a status symbol even before the car. A symbol of prosperity. After the two world wars the fifties brought new desires that had to be fulfilled on an everyday basis. Bratwurst and butter every day and cheap, please. In order to overcome this supposed need and its fulfilment (and to avert the climate crisis by the way), we need new vocabulary. Apart from the necessary research and development in the large areas of agriculture, there must be a rethink in society.

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21. December 2018

It sounds like science fiction: Growing your steak in a petri dish, outside of animals. However, this is exactly what Aleph Farms, a startup based in Israel, have been working on. They are not the first ones to grow clean meat outside of animals, but they are implementing new technology that could eventually lead to drastically lower production costs. Didier Toubia, CEO of Aleph Farms, will be speaking at Farm & Food 4.0 conference in Berlin, 21 January 2019. We asked him about the technology and the next step towards market-readiness. 

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04. October 2018

NX-FOOD is METRO’s innovation hub for new food solutions. As part of the NX-FOOD initiative Start-up Shelf grants access to start-ups and their innovative products to selected markets of the wholesale and food specialist METRO in Germany and Austria as well as the hypermarket chain real, as part of a three-month market trial run.

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11. September 2018

Nutritionists can play a vital role in solving some of the world's most pressing problems: obesity, poor nutrition on the one hand, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies on the other. Dr. Simone Frey is an ecotrophologist, has set up a start-up herself and worked with organizations such as UNICEF, Nestlé or BASF. In the run-up to Farm & Food 4.0, we talked to her about the concept of the startup accelerator "Future of Nutrition" and about promising business models in the food and agricultural sector.

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