Farm & Food 4.0
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Farm & Food 4.0
Foto: Sabine Rübensaat

Farm & Food 4.0 – Forward thinking on innovation and digitalization in the agricultural and food sector

We make the most important job in the world fit for the future: The production of our food. Only at Farm & Food the relevant future topics are anticipated together with farmers, start-ups, science, the agricultural and food industry.

Farm & Food networks the most innovative heads, the masterminds and stars of the food value chain. Together we think ahead, look beyond the horizon and identify trends, innovations and solutions for tomorrow’s food production.

Originally, “Farm & Food 4.0” was the title of an annual conference that has brought together influential stakeholders, decision-makers and innovators in Berlin since 2016. Today our brand has become a label for something much bigger:

  • Our claim and goal: To document current debates and developments, to pass on knowledge, to establish contacts between innovators and above all those who profit from them: farmers.
  • Our motto “From field to plate” is a perfect metaphor for the overarching multi-focus: In view of a rapidly advancing digital development as well as numerous challenges along the food chain, a holistic view is needed.
  • Farm & Food is a growing network for the (digital) change in agriculture and food in Europe and worldwide. We bring everyone together – really everyone, including competitors – to work together to develop holistic solutions for tomorrow.

What does Farm & Food do, what is our contribution to innovation and digitalization in the agricultural and food sector?


  • identify and sort relevant trends and technologies and promote innovations along the value chain from field to plate.
  • bring together the industry as a whole, both farming and food, to develop solutions for our nutrition system of the future.
  • provide facts and knowledge in digital form and organize roundtables, workshops, speed dating events throughout the year.
  • constantly publish interviews, articles and debates to upcoming themes.

Farm & Food networks you with:

  • decision-makers from agriculture, food industry, trade, politics and science
  • the people, who everybody expects to be eager to try out the latest trends: the farmers
  • Innovators and startups presenting their newest achievements in agtech and nutrition research
  • Scientists and representatives of research institutes and departments, be it applied or fundamental research

Farm & Food 4.0 is organised by Deutscher Bauernverlag

The publishing house specializes in the publication of media in the field of agriculture, gardening and beekeeping. In addition, Deutscher Bauernverlag offers a wide range of innovative services for agribusiness. This includes the customer-specific services of the Landakademie in the area of ​​vocational qualification as well as the successful realization of trade fairs in the regional and national area.

Behind the dbv network are the two leading agricultural publishers in Germany, Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag München and Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster. With Farm & Food 4.0, both combine their knowledge and network in the future-relevant topic of digitalization.

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