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Farm & Food 4.0

Category: biotech

05. December 2019

How do genetic engineering and sustainable agriculture fit together? Prof. Urs Niggli, Director of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick and lecturer at ETH Zurich, believes that genetic engineering offers great opportunities: As a society, we have to talk about the potential of genetic engineering for plant breeding as well as its risks.

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09. October 2019

Cars replaced horses, petroleum replaced whales, tractors replaced oxen, telecommunications replaced carrier pigeons, fermentation replaced cows and pigs for insulin production. And despite its many shortcomings, plastic continues to take market share from leather. Wherever we look, humans have consistently built technologies that surpass their animal predecessors. Food may be next.

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26. August 2019

“It’s a dead fly, in your chardonnay,” sang Alanis Morrisette. But what’s ironic is that in a few years, we might not be too opposed to swallowing the poor insect for extra protein. Too dramatic? Read on to find out why the dialogue is shifting towards including insect-based proteins in diets for both humans and livestock. Interviews with the Singapore Food Agency & Asia Insect Farm Solutions.

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