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Farm & Food 4.0

Category: Sustainability

22. April 2021

There is a spirit of optimism in agriculture: regenerative methods, soil-building farming practices and CO2 certificates are on everyone's lips. Thanks to them, farmers are supposed to make a major contribution to solving the climate crisis in the future. But do these promises stand up to scientific examination? Is it right to link environmental performance to agricultural production? And do we even have suitable measurement methods to conduct a well-founded discussion about humus buildup?

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04. January 2021

"Farmers became a symbol of resilience during the Corona crisis" those were the opening words of Ursula von der Leyen on the developments in EU agriculture in 2020. The President of the European Commission started the EU Agricultural Outlook Conference 2020 with clear words on December 16, stressing that Corona should not be a reason to limit agricultural environmental measures.

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05. June 2020

For thousands of years, plant breeding has concentrated on annual plant cultures. The cultivation of corn, wheat and rice spread all over the world. Everywhere the rhythm of agriculture developed in the same way, sowing begins in spring and the harvest takes place in autumn. However, this is not the rhythm dictated by nature. The majority of wild plants are perennial, they are responsible for a functioning ecosystem and with their root system and biomass they provide stability and diversity in nature. Perennial plants are therefore the focus of science and agriculture.

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28. February 2020

From farm to fork, new networks are emerging, distances are becoming shorter, supply chains more flexible and food products more traceable. The food market of the future is decentralised and functions as a digital network that brings consumers and producers closer together again, as the "point of production" moves ever closer to the "point of consumption". At the same time, new digital instruments allow modern forms of cooperation.

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10. February 2020

How could our startup ecosystem improve? This question was the focus of the AgTech Ecosystem Workshop. Lack of funding in Germany makes life difficult for innovators. There is a lack of capital, investors, partnerships and networks. We ask: How can we build an ecosystem for innovation in Agtech in Germany? Who and what is necessary for this? We addressed startups, funding institutions such as banks and state support programs, VCs and CVs, knowledge providers and consultants, incubators and accelerators. 

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A wide variety of application examples illustrate how diverse regenerative agriculture can be: Pioneers from Germany and the USA show how the system can be adapted to the respective farm. Hosted by Benedikt Bösel, Gut & Bösel, the discussion was led by Georg Goeres, Indigo. Louisa Burwood Taylor, AgFunder News. Claudia Päffken, TIMAC AGRO. Adrian Ferrero, Biome Makers. Michael Reber, Innovative Agriculture Reber.

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