Farm & Food 4.0
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Farm & Food 4.0
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Digital Transformation

Progress happens in people’s minds, not in the cloud. Workshop

The leading question is not the digitisation of agriculture at any cost, but how we can execute a mindset change. Companies must make progress possible instead of trying to sell new technology to farmers as often as possible. Consumers have a rather non-technological image of agriculture, which is why society/consumers are virtually not demanding technology. Companies must therefore build solutions together with their competitors in order to save the farmer concrete time in the office in the end and to enable him to spend more time on the field again: To give the farmer better security for his work and ultimately more financial resources. This in turn can flow into the testing of meaningful technology and new methods.

This topic also had a place on the agenda at the fifth Farm & Food in January 2020 in Berlin.

Here you’ll find the full programme of the Farm & Food 2020 and a list of our speakers.


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