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17. July 2020

Now that the ideas competition Bodenschmiede has been successfully concluded, Farm & Food is continuing to work on expanding its network: In order to do justice to the ideas submitted and to its own claim to facilitate a constant transfer of knowledge between the stakeholders in the Farm to Fork chain. Farm & Food is now cooperating with the Soest Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen in a research project on start-ups in agriculture.

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27. February 2020

In the panel on alternative proteins, Gertenbach and Spears were among those discussing this topic with Dr. Hans Wilhelm Windhorst (WING). According to Spears, the greatest challenge in the "laboratory production" of meat is the reduction of production costs. In order to be able to produce in series for the market, the raw materials would have to become significantly cheaper. In Germany, on the other hand, there is less willingness to take risks and invest in startups, said Gertenbach. Unlike in the USA, financing is a difficult issue.

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07. August 2019

Are you a terroir-ist? If so, you’ll understand — along with almost any winegrower — how sexy soil can be. Beneath any field’s surface, a complex interplay of millions of micro-organisms thrives, defining whether a crop flourishes or withers. These tiny organisms — think bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae, nematodes or protozoa — are crucial to how a plant absorbs nutrients from the soil and grows.

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26. June 2019

Germany, which ranked fourth for agri-foodtech investment in 2018, pulling in $109 million across 21 deals, according to AgFunder and F&A Next’s recent report, is better known for its food tech successes than agtech — restaurant delivery group DeliveryHero and meal kit leader HelloFresh both listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at multi-billion dollar valuations. But a deal last week — $100 million in funding for vertical farming group infarm — brought Germany’s agtech industry into focus. And while agriculture is still far off making the economical contribution that Germany’s well known industrial sectors do, the country still has a not insignificant 16 million hectares (39 million acres) of farmland employing 1.4% of the workforce, around 700,000 people.

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27. March 2019

Developments in the agri-food sector have rarely been as exciting as in recent years. The sums invested in AgTech and FoodTech have grown rapidly since 2015. Innovative start-ups are the trendsetters of a new agri-food system, and established companies are recognizing the opportunities for collaboration. At our Farm & Food Congress in January we talked about current technology trends, successful cooperation and investments in start-ups.

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