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International Congress Berlin
Farm & Food 4.0

27. February 2020

Alternative Proteins: What do the associations have to say

Marcus Keitzer (PHW Group) & Fabio Ziemßen (BALPro) on alternative proteins

The panel on alternative proteins included Marcus Keitzer (PHW) and Fabio Ziemßen (BALPro). 2019 has been a very exciting year for all those working in this field, Marcus Keitzer stated at the Farm & Food 2020 in Berlin. “We are dealing with a new generation of products that appeal to the middle of society today.”
The association BALPro is a platform of interest in the market, where all the (new) players in the field can network and exchange information about the challenges that exist here. Fabio Ziemßen continues: “In order to be able to compete with large sites in the USA, Israel, Singapore or Wageningen, we need a community, an exchange between the players whose background is not the traditional food production.” sal


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