Farm & Food 4.0
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Farm & Food 4.0
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20. August 2020

Farm & Food goes digital

We are finding new ways to connect #fromfarmtofork

The international congress Farm & Food 4.0 on January 18, 2021 in Berlin will not take place. In view of the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, our inspiring event of the agricultural and food industry for our partners and guests cannot be held in an appropriate form.

Considering the experiences we made during these past months, we have decided to cancel the congress planned for January 2021. “As event organisers, we feel it is our obligation to rethink our agenda. At least until a vaccine against COVID 19 is found”, says Matthias Lech, Project Manager FF40.

In spring 2020, Farm & Food has already successfully implemented a new event format with the “Bodenschmiede“: We see the competition for new ideas and the online live pitch with more than 300 participants as a promising start to continue the lively exchange with our network and partners and to continue the networking of our congress.

Communicating facts and knowledge digitally will therefore continue to be an important task for the Farm & Food team. The task of the congress, however, would be the “analogue” joint brainstorming, the live atmosphere, the lively discussion of even opposing points of view.

“Our congress thrives on personal encounters, the shared sense of a possible future. This can only be done in an analogue way”, confirms Matthias Lech. And one can’t just transfer that one-to-one into virtual space. But for the time being, we can’t go completely analogue either. The Farm & Food Congress will therefore have to reinvent itself. We do, however, see a great opportunity in this.

The Farm & Food network has grown strongly in recent years. There is a strong foundation to develop a new format for knowledge transfer and project cooperation within the team and together with the network, which will meet the demands on the Farm & Food brand and at the same time take into account the new challenges posed by Covid-19. 

 Together with our partners, we will use the most modern tools and invent new ones so that people in the agricultural and food industry can find ways to a better tomorrow. /sal

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