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At this point we would like to give you an outlook on Farm & Food 2020:

What can you expect on January 20, 2020?

The fifth congress will leave behind the usual layout of big stage-debates which don’t offer a lot of interaction. We will open the agenda and use our network to give our participants as much room as possible to interact with fellow particpants and create their own Farm & Food experience:

In the morning our guests have the first chance to network, to study the program, to have a first (or second) coffee and to make some last-minute appointments via our networking app. The opening panel will then present the topics of the day with stakeholders from industry, Agtech, start-up-scene, innovation and research. Afterwards we will open around 3000 square metres of space for debates in roundtables and with industry exhibitors. Start-ups and science will also be directly accessible here.

After lunch we invite our guests to choose between different sessions: Farm & Food offers the opportunity to discuss topics on different levels of expertise. The second and last major panel of the day will gather all participants again in front of the main stage and summarize the day in order to look at the new challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Stay tuned.

Below you will also find a review of previous Farm & Food 4.0 congresses.

Yours sincerely,

Matthias Lech
Project Lead Farm & Food

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