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Farm & Food 4.0
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Digital event series for agriculture’s shapers and forward thinkers

Praxis-Talk is the new monthly format for crucial progress in agriculture. Our series engages farmers in the innovation process and offers perspectives: We discuss the pressing issues facing our agricultural community with experts from industry, academia and the startup scene. The Praxis-Talk is a digital event series by Farm & Food 4.0, Bauernzeitung and Landakademie.

Praxis-Talk is a German language event series. To share our insights with you, we prepare each talk as a white paper for you.

We bring knowledge into practice

The latest white papers for the Praxis Talk are now available.

It is our goal to bring knowledge into practice. That’s why we post-process each talk for you after the live event: In a concise whitepaper format, you can find the most important learnings from our Praxis-Talks here.

You will get access to the white papers when you subscribe to our newsletter. If you are already a subscriber, please fill out the form anyway. Your existing subscription remains unaffected.

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