Farm & Food 4.0 2020
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Landakademie is the modern training provider for agricultural business that has made it its mission to develop training courses that enable people and companies in the green sector to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills while working. Numerous practice-oriented online courses for individual further education are available for farmers:

Crop production:
- Advanced training in crop protection expertise

Poultry farming:
- Management of herds of young and laying hens with intact beaks

Cattle farming:
- Mastitis in dairy cattle - prevention, treatment and remediation
- Fertility management for dairy farms

Pig farming:
- Assessment of transportability and slaughterability of pigs
- Emergency killing and cadaver relocation in pig husbandry
- Housing, feeding and hygiene in pig farming
- Tail biting - prevention and procedure in the event of an incident
- Self-monitoring in pig farming