Farm & Food 4.0 2020
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Maximum efficiency in the supply of nutrients to plants and animals has not only been our goal since the new Fertiliser Ordinance came into force. TIMAC AGRO has been developing sustainable solutions based on marine biotechnology for 60 years. We achieve maximum efficiency through the integration of natural active substances, which optimise the nutrient uptake rate.
TIMAC AGRO sees itself as a partner of the farmer in the development of a sustainable business. We support the farmer with efficient plant and animal nutrition, individual on-site advice and a high degree of flexibility in our production facilities.

What makes our products special products? Our products always contain an active ingredient (specifity) in addition to the nutrients. In this way, we guarantee that we meet the precise requirements of productive and sustainable agriculture - through maximum efficiency. The active ingredient improves the uptake of nutrients by plants and animals.

Our customers are innovative and open to new ideas.
Our customers want to actively shape tomorrow's agriculture.
Our customers question previous practices and accept the challenges of the environment, politics and society.
Our customers are the farmers of the future.