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Farm & Food 4.0

21. December 2017

Connecting Food

Britt Kitzler on auditing software for the whole value chain

In the midst of digitalization in the food and farming industry, it is becoming ever clearer that the networking of systems is still in the infancy of its potential. Based on block chain technology, Connecting Food ( offers a solution that addresses exactly this issue. At the Farm & Food conference in Berlin, Connecting Food will present its solution for auditing food products in more detail. We spoke to Britt Kritzler, Country Manager UK & Germany at Connecting Food, in the run-up to the event.


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Farm & Food: What is at the core of your Digital Food solution?
Britt Kritzler: Diverse indications show that the global food industry is in serious crisis. Firstly, we experience how German farmers are pushed into a financial corner, as the price is the main criteria for purchase agreements. Secondly, customers have lost their trust in the industry, due to a series of food scandals, as well as the confusing plethora of food products seals and certifications.

Through its company-wide, secure exchange of the most important, key product data, Connecting Food achieves an unprecedented level of transparency. Farmers then possess an additional argument through 100 % assurance toward consumers for e.g. its use of GM-free seeds. We enable a positive, direct exchange with consumers, as, for the first time, important product data can be guaranteed.

What are the main advantages for consumers and producers?
Consumers can build trust in certain brands and products, as important product attributes are guaranteed fully. This newly-gained transparency offers the nutrition industry not only an increased level of competitive potential, but also a reduction in costs. For example, time spans for new product development and reformulation can be reduced.

Looking at agricultural trading, we can imagine digitalization leading to important data efficiency in procurement, for example, through automated supplier selection. Digital auditing would also mean a reduction of site-specific assessment.

Why is the Farm & Food 4.0 so important and what do you expect from your participation?
A central aspect of our software is the support and consensus of diverse companies throughout the value chain. By participating in Farm&Food 4.0, we hope to trigger a company-wide exchange about digitalization and be able to support it by implementing relevant projects.

What is the biggest challenge that companies have to confront considering the increase in digitalization?
Digitalization in the nutrition industry promises a wide range of gains. However, companies and entrepreneurs are confronted by a flood of software packages and solutions. Also, existing software in companies often doesn’t offer a fresh approach. To overcome these issues, it is sensible, within the scope of pilot projects, to analyze your own position and to incorporate targeted, selected partners.

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