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Farm & Food 4.0

10. January 2018

We mustn’t fear digitalization

Organic plays an important role in food retail

HiPP is one of the pioneers in organic nutrition. It is a family business from Pfaffenhofen, employing over 3,500 members of staff worldwide and stands for its own mission statement “top-quality products in harmony with nature”. Stefan Hipp is speaking at Farm&Food 4.0 about the importance of trust in the farming industry and food production – we had the chance to speak to him beforehand.


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Farm & Food: Trust and sustainability is the essence of your brand. How can digitalization contribute towards strengthening consumer trust? What are the risks? Stefan Hipp: Consumers’ consciousness of quality has changed considerably in the last few decades. Consumers nowadays want to know more and more where their food products come from and how they were produced. Digitalization will thereby play a bigger role in the future.

You are widely considered as the pioneers of the organic movement and have been producing organic baby food for over 60 years. How has consumer attitude changed? How does Germany measure up to the rest of Europe?
Over 60 years ago, my grandfather started to use the first organic raw materials in baby food. Back then, many people laughed at us, were hostile towards us and didn’t take us seriously. The current success of organic food proved us right. Organic food enjoys increasing demand from consumers and, in the meantime, plays an important role in food retail. Over 5% of food products on the German Market are produced organically. Germany, with more than 9.5 billion Euro is the biggest market in Europe.

Why is the Farm & Food 4.0 conference so important and what do you expect from your participation?
Interesting people from the food and farming industry come here every year to discuss the big challenges of the future. Digitalization particularly will play a big role. We need to always keep in mind not to saw off the branch on which we are sitting.

What is the biggest challenge that companies have to confront considering the increase in digitalization?
We mustn’t fear digitalization, rather consider it a chance for the future.


Preview image: C. Van Hoock

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