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23. December 2019

Interview with 365 FarmNet

Karl-Heinz Krudewig, Vice President Product, on data exchange between agricultural machinery.

356 FarmNet is Partner of the upcoming Farm & Food in 2020 in Berlin

Programme 2020

With DataConnect, 365FarmNet, together with Claas and John Deere, has for the first time created a uniform standard for agricultural vehicle technology. Their credo: In the public discussion and in order to create transparency, those involved in the value chain must talk to each other and exchange data.

By Sarah Liebigt


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365 FarmNet in the interview

Until now, farmers with mixed fleets of machines could only record, process and document data on the respective machines or portals of the manufacturers. With DataConnect, CLAAS, 365FarmNet and John Deere have for the first time created a direct, cross-manufacturer and industry open cloud-to-cloud solution. Are such cross-manufacturer cooperations the future of agriculture?

Farm & Food: Dear Mr. Krudewig, thank you very much for the interview.  How can DataConnect be used to transfer agronomic data?

Karl-Heinz Krudewig: We have tried to make data more usable for the farmer, but in doing so we have not created a new platform, but have only dealt with each other via an interface and data exchange.

In the first step, plain machine data, position data and, in some cases, machine parameters are transmitted. In the second step, it is planned in more detail to expand this agronomic data, which will then also be made available to the farmer on the PCs in one go via implements hanging behind the tractor.

Are there any work areas that are still being developed for recording?

We are now able to make the collected data, which the farmer provides as a waste product for regulations and other things, available for tomorrow’s decision support.

What does 365 FarmNet expect as a partner of Farm & Food?

Farm & Food belongs together and I believe that, especially in the public discussion about creating transparency, the value chain must talk to each other and exchange data with each other.

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